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What are Enrolled Agents ?

EA's are tax professionals who have passed a rigorous examination covering all aspects of individual, business, and estate tax law.   Less than one third pass the examination each year. 


Enrolled Agents are licensed and regulated by the IRS. 

EA's can also represent you before the IRS.

How are Enrolled Agents different from CPA’s?


CPA’s have accounting degrees and have passed the CPA examination covering accounting practice and theory.  Enrolled Agents don't have a particular degree requirement gaining credentials through the IRS's "Special Enrollment Exam".


How are Enrolled Agents different from other paid tax preparers?


Other paid tax preparers are regulated by the California Tax Education Council.  These tax preparers have taken a CTEC approved course covering common aspects of individual (1040/540) tax returns. 

What about privacy, and the use of my tax data?

Certain national tax preparation chains are seeking permission to use your tax return data to create marketing profiles that can be sent to subsidiaries, or even sold to third parties.

It is a violation of the code of ethics that EA’s follow to divulge your tax information to unauthorized persons.  They could face disciplinary action and loss of their license to prepare taxes, offer advice, or even associate with licensed practioners in a professional capacity.